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Internship Pricing and Costs

ALLINTERNS only charge you once you have been placed in your chosen internship. For this service the fee is € 400.

To convert the amount into your own currency or to the South African Rand refer to our converter below.

Although the exact amount will be issued in an invoice once we have completed our service. A breakdown of this package can be viewed on our 'what we offer' page.

There are plenty of other packages we can offer you and these can be arranged through our contacts e.g. tours, outdoor extreme sports or activities in and around the cities.

Here are some general costs for you in South Africa:


€ 150 - € 400 (sometimes cheaper, depending on the area)


€ 150 - € 250 (can be cheaper, depending if you eat out a lot)

Buying a car:

€ 1000 - € 4000 (General price range for second hand cars)

Renting a car:

€ 250 - € 300 per month


€ 1 - per kilometre

per trip in the city, € 0.90 (depending on the distance, but really cheap)

To give you an indication of costs:

Most students spend around € 400/500 per month in Cape Town. Prices are generally half what you would expect to pay in northern Europe. Dinner in a restaurant will cost you around 7 euros (food and drinks). Supermarkets are cheaper. Beer and wine in a restaurant, bar or a club will cost you about 1 or 1, 5 Euro.

These estimates were taken on 1 st of October 2006, At the moment the €1 = R9. (South African Currency is in Rand or R)
They are by no means exact and should be acknowledged as a rough estimate of living expenses in RSA.


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