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Are you interested in an internship abroad? Do you want to not just get to know other cultures, but experience them first hand? Do you like international experiences, activities and even adventure sports? If so, then Cape Town, South Africa is your kind of place and ALLINTERNS is your number one resource.

Our vast network of companies and institutions in and around Cape Town, enables us to arrange quality internships at short notice that match your interests. We are fast, dedicated, and our direct communication style will allow you to find that perfect Cape Town internship in no time.

ALLINTERNS offers more then just internships however. We arrange for everything you need for a great experience abroad. We provide accommodation and transportation arrangements, airport pick-up, visa support, entertainment packages including safaris and adventure sports, activities with other interns, a monthly newsletter, and a whole lot of other information and tips. For more information click on the 'what we offer' link.

ALLINTERNS offers internships to people living out side of South Africa. We concentrate on Europeans countries but also arrange for students from America and the UK.

Are you looking to 'intern' in other South African cities? No problem! Just ask one of our team members for details on the 'contact us' page

Why choose ALLINTERNS ?

We offer a quality internship that not only enables our clients to develop their inter-personal skills and industry knowledge, but provides an invaluable international experience that can not be obtained anywhere else in the world.

ALLINTERNS will make your stay and working period in South Africa effortless, comfortable, and exciting. We arrange for accommodation, tours, and excursions around South Africa and beyond, because we want your stay to be much more then just an internship.

We have a very competent and skilled team that is always available to answer questions, arrange trips and deal with issues that may arise both before and during your stay.

ALLINTERNS will provide a perfect balance of work and play!

Your contact throughout your time in South Africa will be Richard Rubenstein or a member of our team. They will be best equipped to help orientate you throughout South Africa. Please feel free to ask ANY questions you might have regarding your internship in South Africa. The contact details can be found on the 'contact us' page.

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